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Learn from the top chicago personal trainer how to workout-an affordable alternative.   


Prior to training with Ralph, I thought personal training was a colossal waste of time. Now I can't imagine workouts without him. He has an uncanny ability to perscribe and execute an exercise regimen tailored to my body and its attendant aches and pains Julian, 65, retired lawyer

Healthy Progress, the Best Chicago Personal Trainer

Getting into shape can be difficult and daunting. Most of us need a PLAN. Healthy Progress offers that plan, an integrative personal fitness training strategy.

This includes an individualized exercise program that is based on your needs and capabilities, nutritional counseling, guidance on cardiovascular exercise, as well as suggestions for healthier living. Ultimately, Healthy Progress Training aims to facilitate optimal health. Once healthy, your body is likely to reach its ideal weight/composition and you will feel greater energy and vitality. Moreover, health benefits achieved through our smart method of personal training transcend fitness. Our clients often find that their stress is far better managed, they feel greater vitality, and they are able to tackle life with a greater sense of optimism.

Find out how we can help you in the following personal fitness areas:

Your initial consultation is free and no gym membership is required to start. Call 847-533-0283 or email to start making healthy progress today!


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