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Semi-Private Training

Learn how to workout in a small group

Semi Private training

Semi Private training is a new format to Healthy Progress Training.  The aim of semi-private training is to provide an affordable format where participants can learn while working out in small group.  A Healthy Progress trainer will prepare a scripted workout plan for the series of training sessions.  Each series will focus on a specific goal with an aim to educate as well as provide a good workout. 

Key features:

  • Small groups (maximum of 4 participants)
  • Dates/times pre-determined
  • 50-60 minutes per session
  • Goal oriented routines (i.e. weight loss, sport specific)
  • Implementation of simple equipment so that routines can be replicated
  • Affordable


  • Group of 3 ($30 per person)
  • Each series must be pre-paid before participating

Upcoming Series: