Chris Rolfe, professional soccer player

Chris When I was first introduced to MAT, I was a little skeptical. I had worked with division one college strength coaches, strength coaches within my professional organization and played with top professionals from around the world and no one seemed to know what MAT was. However, after one session with Ralph I was excited to come back again. Not only was he training me physically, but he was also describing in detail how the process of muscle activation works to help me understand how he was improving my body. I’ve been working with Ralph since I was last injured, and I’ve been injury-free since and feeling more stable and stronger than I had solely using other workout techniques. Even my soreness after games has been reduced and my persistent, nagging muscle aches have been eliminated.

Rassa Virsilaite, professional beach volleyball player

Rassa I have been working out with Ralph for a year and i have nothing but great things to say about him. Ralph designed a program that helped to take my game to the next level.

We both agreed that key focus points would be to increase speed, quickness, and my vertical. Ralph believes that the base for all of that is increasing the STABILITY of your entire body first. We started with a lot of testing and it was shocking for me to find out how unbalanced i was. We spend a lot of time working on that and only after i build a solid base, we added more strengthening, power, and jump training. I really liked the progression on the program and i enjoyed the exercises he designed specifically for my needs.

Ralph has a lot of knowledge and experience not only in sport training but also in other essential elements for health like nutrition and muscle activation techniques (MAT). Ralph is a certified MAT specialist which was a brand new concept to me. Even though I was a little skeptical about MAT at first, I found it to be a fascinating way to help your body operate in proper way. Also, I got a lot of great nutrition tips and advice while chatting in between repetition. I like Ralph's passion for what he does and always appreciate his energy especially when he tries to push you out of your comfort level. I am very lucky and thankful to have him as my personal trainer! Keep up the good work Ralph!

Julian 65, a retired lawyer

I have been training with Ralph for three years. Prior to that I thought that a personal trainer was a colossal waste of time and money. Now I cannot imagine workouts without him. Ralph has an uncanny ability to prescribe and execute an exercise regime tailored to my body and its attendant aches and pains. He made me aware of how to do various exercises, and how it is essential to have his oversight to assure that each exercise is done properly. I wholeheartedly recommend Ralph as an outstanding trainer.

Pierce 53, retired businessman

The benefits of MAT therapy for young, highly trained, professional athletes are well documented. But would it work for a sedentary person in their 50’s trying to get back in shape? In short - Yes! I saw immediate results with my first MAT sessions with Ralph. The decades spent raising kids, building a business, traveling and late night entertaining had taken their toll. Ralph’s MAT sessions helped me feel younger by dramatically increasing my range of motion, flexibility and strength. Ralph was able to reactivate all the muscles in a muscle group that had shut down from years of neglect which in turn help speed up the results I saw with my personal trainer. As I continue working out with a personal trainer I include Ralph’s MAT sessions to keep everything in balance. If you have finally decided to get back in shape, look and feel better Ralph’s MAT therapy will definitely accelerate the process.

Jennifer 28, marketing director

I met Ralph about three months before my wedding. I wanted to loose about 12 pounds so I could fit in my dress better. With in six months I lost about three inches in my waist. I did fit into the dress, even better than I first expected. The exercises he has me do are never boring. We changed the routines often and I feel now motivated coming into the gym. I have been training with Ralph ever since, even after my wedding. I feel very energetic and he has tough me to focus on staying healthy and fit not just trying to meet some temporary goals. Ralph, thank you for getting me in shape and helping me stay fit.

Angie 33, acupuncturist

As a trainer, Ralph really took my needs and imbalances into consideration to provide me with an effective exercise program that worked for me. He has a very thorough understanding of body mechanics and anatomy, and that really shows in the way that he trains. I felt that the exercises were effective, safe, and really helped me to attain my fitness goals. As a Muscle Activation Specialist, Ralph was able to help me with a stubborn back problem that I had been battling with for years. After treatment, the pain in my back and neck were diminished and my muscles felt a lot looser and more balanced. I would highly recommend Ralph as a trainer or therapist.

Brynne 43, Trader

Brynne Over a year ago, I was looking for a personal trainer in Chicago. I had just trained for, and ran my first marathon...the 2007 Chicago Marathon. Although I had a good time logging all the miles training and meeting new people, I ended up in a lot of pain, thinking that running really wasn't for me. I had resorted to wearing a knee brace when I ran, and also had a lot of foot pain. I thought that I needed to replace running with a personal trainer.

I found Ralph online through a Chicago personal trainer website. Once I met with him, i discovered that not only was he a personal trainer, but also was involved in a technique called M.A.T. that I had never heard of. Ralph was professional and seemed committed to training and I decided to sign up for 6 sessions.

Working with Ralph has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I started with just the personal training sessions, but quickly added some of the Muscle Activation Technique sessions. His approach to personal training was very careful and methodical. At first I began to notice my posture had improved. As I got stronger, we began to discuss my desire to run another Marathon, and we began to work on that as a goal. While I logged miles each week, Ralph built up my strength thru training sessions and began to slowly unravel the damage that running had done to my body using M.A.T. once a week. As the summer training progressed, I shaved over a minute a mile off my training pace without ANY pain...no knee brace....no limping or foot pain. Ralph's training gave me confidence in ways I had never imagined. I had strength that I didn't know was possible. Some days we would train in the gym, others (weather permitting) we would train with a volleyball outside....always mixing things up to keep me on my toes!

I ran the Chicago Marathon in 2008, and shaved over an HOUR off my previous year's time!! My motto after training with Ralph and realizing the potential of well thought out training combined with the Muscle Activation Technique he practices is "Run Pain Free"!! Thanks Ralph!

Sebastian 30, Physician

Ralph Klisiewicz is a very skilled personal trainer and a talented muscle activation technique (MAT) therapist. He provides a well balanced personal training solution for general conditioning, weight loss, injury prevention and rehabilitation. As I doctor, I am always looking for personal trainers who I can trust with my patients, I know they are in good hands with Ralph. I have sent him several patients with knee and shoulder pains who responded very well to his muscle activation technique (MAT) treatments and specific personal training strength regimens. I would recommend him to anyone seeking pain-free physical activity.

Jennifer 27, pro beach volleyball player

Strength training with Ralph over the last several months has increased my power and agility on the beach volleyball court. Ralph has tailored my training program to be sport specific and his workouts have absolutely improved my game. Ralph has also helped me overcome pain in my feet using Muscle Activation Technique. I highly recommend his gradual and intelligent approach to personal training that produces results.

Marilyn, Pilates instructor

I have been working with Ralph for a few months and I am delighted with the results. I have a chronic hamstring problem which has significantly improved with muscle activation technique (MAT). He is very precise and a knowledgeable personal trainer/muscle activation technique specialist. I have attempted many times to address this issue with other practitioners. By far his work has been the most beneficial to me.

Gregory, Dentist

I have found muscle activation therapy to be a great adjunct to my regular exercise routine as it prepares me for the physical activities I enjoy - biking, hiking and running. Ralph Klisiewicz is able to identify, evaluate and treat the pain and muscular imbalances I may have after these activities or from my regular workouts. His treatment is gentle and non-invasive. It restores pain free movement for me and as a result, I am able to perform at a higher level.

Daley 39, Math teacher

Ralph was highly recommended to me by the owner of the gym in Chicago where I work out.  I appreciated the recommendation, because I wasn’t sure it would be possible to find a personal trainer who would also know how to integrate bodywork within an overall workout program to help alleviate the chronic back pain between my shoulders.  

I have been grateful to have found Ralph, because he has an unusual skill set as a personal trainer and Muscle Activation Technique (MAT) specialist, including extensive knowledge of human anatomy.  This makes him particularly effective in working with someone who needs both immediate relief of pain through bodywork and also a workout regimen to gain strength in order to maintain the corrected muscle movement patterns and posture.  

Since working with Ralph, I have dramatically decreased the number of visits to my chiropractor for back adjustments from 2-3 times per week, to every once in a while.  I enthusiastically recommend Ralph to anyone looking for a great personal trainer in Chicago who can also provide specialized bodywork to complement the workout program.