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weight loss
Learn how to incorporate exercise into a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

"Prior to training with Ralph, I thought personal training was a colossal waste of time. Now I can't imagine workouts without him. He has an uncanny ability to perscribe and execute an exercise regimen tailored to my body and its attendant aches and pains."
- Julian, 65, retired lawyer


General Wellness Solution

Many Healthy Progress clients want to feel healthy, look young, and live active lifestyles well into old age. A comprehensive fitness approach can help.

Individualized Strength Training Program

Strengthening exercises help maintain lean muscle mass. As we age, we begin to lose muscle mass. Lean muscle is crucial to maintaining a balanced metabolism, burning fat at rest, and keeping bones strong. A consistent strengthening exercise regimen will stimulate muscle growth and therefore ensure that the entire body is healthy, strong, and stable. In a strength training program, the client is always progressed through exercises at a pace that is challenging but not overwhelming.

Muscle Activation Technique

All clients have some imbalances that prevent them from moving optimally. Muscle Activation Technique (MAT) can serve as a great adjunct to strengthening for total well being. Through MAT, mechanical weaknesses can be identified and resolved so that you can progress through strengthening exercises more efficiently.

The Process

All Healthy Progress Training clients are thoroughly assessed, and particular attention is placed on movement (body mechanics).

Healthy Progress Training clients are expected to train 2-3 times a week. If self motivated enough, some clients choose to exercise only once a week with a personal trainer. However, in order to optimize results, they are still expected to workout on their own and are given assigned routines.

All clients are encouraged to schedule a set of MAT sessions in order to accurately assess mechanical properties and resolve any mechanical imbalances as needed. We encourage clients to schedule 1-2 MAT session a month in order to maintain an optimal mechanical balance.