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Muscle Gain

Strategic exercise solutions can help you achieve muscle mass and definition.

Muscle Gain Solution

Careful planning is required if you want to gain muscle. In order for muscle to grow, strategic variations and progressions must be implemented into an exercise program. Healthy Progress Personal Training has the knowledge and expertise to help clients implement effective programs for gaining muscle.

Strength Training

If you want muscle to grow, you must shock it with resistance. To do so, a mechanical assessment is performed to determine how your body can handle resistance. After assessment is completed, a strategic strengthening program is designed. An appropriate ratio of exercises that focus on building muscle mass, muscle definition, and muscle endurance is chosen. As the body gets stronger, we will progress in weight and resistance so that you exercise at nearly maximum intensity in a majority of exercises. In addition, the exercise routines will be rotated so that your muscle growth does not plateau.


About 60% of muscle gain is a direct result of good nutrition. All Healthy Progress clients complete a metabolic typing survey. This survey determines the ratios of carbohydrates to protein and fat you should eat. Emphasis is placed on consistent protein intake to build muscle.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Although most muscle gain is achieved through strength training, cardio is still important for two reasons. Cardiovascular exercise improves blood circulation. It is blood that delivers nutrients and other building materials needed for muscle growth. Cardio also increases muscle endurance. Therefore, you are able to strength train longer and more efficiently. Healthy Progress emphasizes interval cardiovascular exercise for maximum efficiency.

Muscle Activation Technique

Strength training for muscle gain can be very taxing on the body. It is therefore important to screen possible muscle imbalances using Muscle Activation Technique (MAT). MAT is a revolutionary method of assessing and restoring muscle imbalances. Some signs of muscle imbalances are muscle stiffness, joint paint, and limited (especially asymmetrical) range of motion. MAT can restore muscle imbalances so that you can continue to train at a high intensity and allow your muscles to grow.