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weight loss
Lose weight and feel great with our comprehensive training program.

"I've lost 3 inches off my waist after only 6 months of training! The results have been better than I expected, and I feel great. The exercises are never boring, and I now feel motivated to come to the gym."
- Jennifer, 28, marketing director


Weight Loss Solution

Weight loss is a complicated phenomenon. In order to achieve an ideal body weight/composition, you must take a comprehensive approach to the problem. Healthy Progress Personal Training has helped many clients lose weight by building individualized programs that address the most important factors for weight loss.


Our clients take a metabolic typing survey to determine their specific metabolic type. The metabolic type will identify the ratio of macronutrients they should eat at EVERY meal. Applying the principles of metabolic typing helps boost metabolism and stabilizes blood sugar levels in order to avoid food cravings, energy crashes, and, ultimately, fat accumulation.

We also encourage our clients fill out a weekly food journal so that eating patterns can be discussed with the trainer on a weekly basis.

Strength Training

Strength training is an integral part of weight loss. Muscle is biologically very active tissue. Therefore, lean muscle increases metabolism and increases the rate of fat burning at rest.

Our clients are placed on individualized strength programs. These programs are designed according to the individual’s specific needs and capabilities so that the exercises are challenging but not overwhelming (excess physical stress causes an increase in cortisol levels, which in turn causes fat storage). As a client working with a trainer, your needs and capabilities are continually assessed and exercises are progressed when appropriate.

Cardio Training

Healthy Progress clients are strongly encouraged to perform cardiovascular exercise. We don't believe in wasting our clients' valuable time by having them perform repetative cardio exercise on a machine during a personal training session. Therefore, training sessions are mostly dedicated to strength training. However, clients will perform some sort of cardiovascular exercise during their training sessions, most often in the format of interval training scheduled around strengthening sets.

We do not promote one form of cardio exercise over another. Cardio vascular exercises are chosen based on your needs and capabilities as well as interest.

Other Factors

Healthy Progress emphasizes the promotion of health as an important part of a weight loss program. Therefore, each client is assessed in factors such as stress and sleep patterns. These factors will be discussed with the trainer so that suggestions can be made on how to promote healthier living.

The Process

When beginning training with us, you will undergo a thorough assessment during which goals and expectations are discussed, fitness level is assessed, body measurements are recorded, and mechanical tests are taken. The information is then used to plan an individualized training program.

For optimal results, we encourage our clients to train with us for 2 to 3 hours per week. However, those who are motivated to workout on their own can train with a trainer once a week and are assigned a routine to be completed on their own. For optimal results, it is important for clients to be consistent in their training.

In addition to training with a trainer, we strongly encourage our clients to do 2 to 4 hours per week of cardiovascular exercise on their own.